Forcing Creativity

I have had the idea that creativity just comes to you for a very long time. However, I’m starting to realize that isn’t true.

I’m not looking to offend or put those “find your muse” people up in arms, but if every known author, musician, and artist waited for their muse…..Nothing amazing would ever be created.

Lately, I’ve been sitting down and writing blog posts. Mostly drafts that sit in my draft bin for ages, but they are forcing me to hone into my creative side.

No longer am I allowing myself to make the excuse of not knowing what to write about. Instead, by taking the suggestions of those on my writer’s block post (read that:, I have forced myself to put words on a page. My creativity is starting to flow again.

Ultimately, I’m hoping that by getting moving on the blog, I’m going to get myself moving on my WIP. I want to have that in the editing and revising stage by June 2020. However, we will see how it goes as for now it seems I’m focusing on the blog.

How do you get your creativity flowing?

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