Working on the Blog

I’m no pro at this blogging thing. That’s fairly obvious, right?

I mean, my content is sporadic, no images, infrequent promoting, etc. I tend to go in waves of producing blog content and stuff and then not touching it for months.

I watch twitter like a hawk. I read people’s blog religiously (even if I don’t comment or share).

Then I start to compare.

Comparison is the killer of dreams and of MOTIVATION. So I’ve stopped comparing. Or I’ve begun to work on not comparing. Instead, I spend my time reading blogs, commenting on them, and sharing them with the world in hopes that by supporting the blogs I envy, I get past the desire to compare mine to them.

I’ve also started to try to stay focused on fixing one thing at a time on my blog. I tend to bite off more than I can chew then get discouraged and quit. I’m hoping this new plan works for me.

Currently, I’m working on the blog by increasing my content output. I’m trying for one blog post a week. So far so good as I’ve been scheduling them out. Maybe the next thing I’ll work on are images. I haven’t decided.

Are you working to improve something about your blog? What is your biggest struggle?

One thought on “Working on the Blog

  1. Recently my biggest struggle has been writing. Just getting the posts done. In August I only posts 2 times my least in 4 1/2 years. We all struggle with something at times but if you enjoy it just keep at it. 🙂


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