The Vacuum was Held Hostage

First off, I HATE cleaning. And when depressed I don’t clean at all.

I paid a lot and I mean A LOT of money for my vacuum. When I clean, that is typically what I start with…..Yes, I know that is backwards. But what happens when my vacuum gets taken hostage by a spider?

You read that right. A spider.

I am TERRIFIED of spiders. Biggest fear. Ever. My stepfather used to have to inspect my room for visible spiders before I would go to sleep.

Well… I started cleaning one day. (My house was/is disgusting and I couldn’t take it anymore). Of course I started vacuuming, and I started with the cleanest room in the house, my son’s room. I decided to vacuum up the cobwebs off the ceiling baseboards. And disturbed a spider. And then promptly couldn’t find said spider and ran from the room screaming. The vacuum got left behind and no longer could I vacuum because the spider could be near the vacuum.

See my dilemma?

So instead of cleaning or facing my fear, I hid in my room and wrote this blog post. I think that was a rational decision.

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