My Son’s Cleft Lip

Did you know my son had a cleft lip? First, let's start off with some definitions. Cleft lip: a congenital split in the upper lip on one or both sides of the center, often associated with a cleft palate. Cleft Palate: a congenital split in the roof of the mouth. My son had a cleft … Continue reading My Son’s Cleft Lip

The Vacuum was Held Hostage

First off, I HATE cleaning. And when depressed I don't clean at all. I paid a lot and I mean A LOT of money for my vacuum. When I clean, that is typically what I start with.....Yes, I know that is backwards. But what happens when my vacuum gets taken hostage by a spider? You … Continue reading The Vacuum was Held Hostage

Working on the Blog

I'm no pro at this blogging thing. That's fairly obvious, right? I mean, my content is sporadic, no images, infrequent promoting, etc. I tend to go in waves of producing blog content and stuff and then not touching it for months. I watch twitter like a hawk. I read people's blog religiously (even if I … Continue reading Working on the Blog

Forcing Creativity

I have had the idea that creativity just comes to you for a very long time. However, I'm starting to realize that isn't true. I'm not looking to offend or put those "find your muse" people up in arms, but if every known author, musician, and artist waited for their muse.....Nothing amazing would ever be … Continue reading Forcing Creativity

How To Ask for What You Need

I always struggled with making requests. I never wanted to be a burden on others or be considered demanding. However, I've noticed things passing me by and my needs not being met. So, I had to learn how to ask for my needs to be met. Whether it be about having time alone to write … Continue reading How To Ask for What You Need

4 Things I’ve Learned About Having an Electric Car

If you don't know, I own a 2015 Nissan Leaf which is a full electric car. I've owned it for just over a year, and it took some learning and adjustment to have. This is my first car that I've bought and financed myself. I make monthly payments on it. It was the first time … Continue reading 4 Things I’ve Learned About Having an Electric Car