The Vacuum was Held Hostage

First off, I HATE cleaning. And when depressed I don't clean at all. I paid a lot and I mean A LOT of money for my vacuum. When I clean, that is typically what I start with.....Yes, I know that is backwards. But what happens when my vacuum gets taken hostage by a spider? You … Continue reading The Vacuum was Held Hostage

Dare I Say it?

Writers Block. That evil thing that prevents one from moving forward on a work in progress (WIP). And I have it bad. I can't get past this point in my WIP because I have a lack of connection with the characters. FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER. My characters are alluding me. It's as if they … Continue reading Dare I Say it?

Onward Marching

If you follow me on twitter, you know my mental health hasn't been the best lately. You know that I'm slowing down (obviously) on my blog for the unforeseeable future too. I'll still publish blog posts, but only a few a month and whenever I have the time to write one out properly. I'm focusing … Continue reading Onward Marching

The Old Laptop

When I was going into high school, my stepfather (my late stepfather) gave me a laptop. It was/is a 15", 64 processor, purple, HP Pavilion g series laptop. Of course it was given to me because school work would start requiring a computer. But also given to me because my stepfather knew my deepest dream. … Continue reading The Old Laptop

Individual of the Week-Mykki

Starting off, introduce yourself to us. Tell us your name, job, and two fun facts about yourself.   My name is Mykki, and I’m an Interpreter Engagement Specialist at my company - which is just a fancy way of saying I handle all social media and promotional/marketing materials for events and training courses. I write … Continue reading Individual of the Week-Mykki

December Goals Recap

I shared a few goals with you earlier in the month. Things like publish at least one article every week and engage more in the blogging community. Things I feel, I definitely completed! This month, I have published THREE articles every single week. THREE. That is huge for me! It took a lot of dedication … Continue reading December Goals Recap

Individual of the Week- Lexi

I want to start this week's Individual of the Week interview off by saying that this young woman is one of my favorites. She has gotten me through some hard stuff just by her comments, communication with me, and her wonderful book Basket Case. Please check her out as she is a lovely young woman … Continue reading Individual of the Week- Lexi