Working on the Blog

I'm no pro at this blogging thing. That's fairly obvious, right? I mean, my content is sporadic, no images, infrequent promoting, etc. I tend to go in waves of producing blog content and stuff and then not touching it for months. I watch twitter like a hawk. I read people's blog religiously (even if I … Continue reading Working on the Blog

Dare I Say it?

Writers Block. That evil thing that prevents one from moving forward on a work in progress (WIP). And I have it bad. I can't get past this point in my WIP because I have a lack of connection with the characters. FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER. My characters are alluding me. It's as if they … Continue reading Dare I Say it?

Onward Marching

If you follow me on twitter, you know my mental health hasn't been the best lately. You know that I'm slowing down (obviously) on my blog for the unforeseeable future too. I'll still publish blog posts, but only a few a month and whenever I have the time to write one out properly. I'm focusing … Continue reading Onward Marching

The Old Laptop

When I was going into high school, my stepfather (my late stepfather) gave me a laptop. It was/is a 15", 64 processor, purple, HP Pavilion g series laptop. Of course it was given to me because school work would start requiring a computer. But also given to me because my stepfather knew my deepest dream. … Continue reading The Old Laptop

Individual of the Week- Leah

Starting off, introduce yourself to us. Tell us your name, job, and two fun facts about yourself.   I’m Leah Zitter. I’m a “globe-trotting” professional writer with a PhD in research. I write on finance technology, which includes artificial intelligence, blockchain, virtual reality, internet of things, and machine learning. For bread and butter, I write … Continue reading Individual of the Week- Leah

The Quote that Changed my Thinking

Be the heroine in your life. Not the victim. I spent 2018 feeling like the victim of the year and of my life. By the time December came around, I felt violated and broken down by my circumstances. I let the things around me beat me up until I gave up. Then, I read the … Continue reading The Quote that Changed my Thinking

Individual of the Week-Victoria

Starting off, introduce yourself to us. Tell us your name, job, and two fun facts about yourself. Hello, I’m Victoria, a full time blogger and online money maker from the south west of England in the UK.  I’ve been blogging since April 2013 at Lylia Rose and since May 2017 it’s been my full time job.  I … Continue reading Individual of the Week-Victoria

Goals for 2019

I cannot believe that it is already almost a New Year! How time flies! Resolutions will be made by all. Instead of resolutions, I'm setting goals.  Refusing to let the next year go by the seat of my pants, I'm going to be very intentional about my time and how I spend it. Post at … Continue reading Goals for 2019

Recap of November Goals

Monthly goals are difficult to set for me! There is a very fine line between doable and overly ambitious, and I often tend to set overly ambitious ones as opposed to doable ones.  Let's review the goals I had set for November (see post here): Become financially responsible win NaNoWriMo and complete the first draft … Continue reading Recap of November Goals