The Quote that Changed my Thinking

Be the heroine in your life. Not the victim. I spent 2018 feeling like the victim of the year and of my life. By the time December came around, I felt violated and broken down by my circumstances. I let the things around me beat me up until I gave up. Then, I read the … Continue reading The Quote that Changed my Thinking

December Goals

It's that time again!!!! It's time to talk about my goals! Last month I achieved some goals but not all (article on that coming soon). For now let's talk about December! Publish at least one blog article every week. Start making the shift on my blog for where I want to take it in 2019. … Continue reading December Goals

My month long Hiatus.

From April 10th to May 10th I will be taking a month long break from blogging. Why? Many reasons. Here we go: April is going to have a lot of change in it and I don’t want to be struggling to keep up. Mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and physically I am exhausted. My relationship with my … Continue reading My month long Hiatus.